Fab Lab Protocol 2017-2018


FabLabs are comprised of several areas with distinct uses

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Tools and machines have each a designated area: Please keep it organized for others.

Non-respect of these rules, leading to disorganization in the Lab, will be penalised. (see chapter "Penalties" at the end of this document)


IAAC offers student access to the following machines:

On request :

Via booking system (min 24h before) :

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Via email (min 48h before):

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Basic Tools in free access

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Some basic tools (Rulers, Clamps, Hammers, etc…) are accessible in the dusty/CNC area as a complement of your student’s toolkit.

Students are requested to leave the tools used in his appropriate place marked in the designated area of their shelves.

Tools should remain within the fablab area, in their respective room. Taking tools out of the lab without explicit permission will be penalised (see chapter "Penalties" at the end of this document

Power Tools and equipment on request

Power tools (Drill, Sander, ScrewDriver etc..) and some electronic equipment (Camera, power supply, Tripod, etc...) are available by request from the fab lab assistant. To keep the lab tools well organized and the process safe, students should request help from fabrication assistants.

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The students should give their ID as a deposit for the tool. This will be returned after student brings the tool back. The process includes the registration in our database of this equipment borrowing.

All borrowed tools need to be given back in the timeframe agreed. Typical timeframes:

In case a student fails to do so he or she will be responsible to replace the item. Any misuse, loss or damage have to be noticed by informing one of the fabrication assistants. Failing to do so will be considered as a fault (See Penalty section).

Machines via Booking System

Some dedicated digital machines (Laser, 3D printer, etc..) are available to students via booking system.

![image alt text](image_21.jpg) ![image alt text](image_22.jpg) ![image alt text](image_23.jpg)

The booking procedure is as follows:

Failing to respect this procedure will invalidate your booking and it will be cancelled by the staff. Repetitive misuse of the booking system will be considered as a fault (See penalty section).

Booking Instructions

To make your reservation, go to https://iaac.simplybook.it/v2/

1º - Select the duration of the service you need depending of the machine (30 min, 1, 2, 3, 4 hours).

2º - Select the machine you want to use: milling machine, laser cutter, 3D printer or Kuka.

3º - Select the date and time: first, click the desired day in the calendar and you'll see available time slots on the right, click the one that suits you.

4º - Fill in your name (use your full, real name, otherwise the slot will be cancelled), email and phone number.

5º - To finish, click "BOOK NOW".


Other machine and tools via email request

IAAC owns many other tools that students are allowed to use if available (not already in use by other IAAC activities) and if staff is available for support (most of these machines need specific staff supervision)

If you wish to use one of this specific tools, please send us an email to fabrication.support@iaac.net explaining your needs and your schedules.

Plan well ahead, and make your request at least 48h before needed.

We are happy to offer the best possible for your project but can’t guarantee that those machines are available.


Any doubt, contact your FabLab Manager: Ricardo Valbuena (ricardo.valbuena@iaac.net)

Support hours

Fabrication experts are available for project review within specific support hours every week. See masters calendar for precise schedules "Fabrication Support Hours"

These are hours in which the experts are available to schedule an appointment and help you in your project development and fabrication planning.

MAA 01 support will be taken care by Raimund Krenmueller ; MAI, OTF, MACT and MAA 02 support will be taken care by Kunaljit Chadha :

In order to have a meeting with Raimund or Kunaljit, students have to send an email to the expert (Raimund or Kunaljit) and coordinator in cc (Marco, Maria, Alex M., Valentina), with the following information >

  1. A description of your issue/problem

  2. A sample of the script / 3D file you are using, additional picture and/or references of previous work are welcome

  3. Date and time availability for the appointment (within support hours)

  4. Group Members

  5. Class context

Emails addresses >


Students are requested to bring their own materials. FabLab does not provide any material to the students apart from some basic consumable (such as sandpaper, screws, white glue and paper tape) available at the time in the lab.

Here is a list of material and hardware suppliers: http://bit.ly/1MeHIQx

NB: students can have a discount of 10% at SERVEI ESTACIO, using the code 10906 at the checkout. http://www.serveiestacio.com/

In the case of 3D Printer, Material is purchased by Fablab and charge to the students according to the final quantity of material used (price per gram).


Due to the amount of space available, there is no permanent storage.

Students are allowed to store material only if it will be used in the same month. Everything should be stored in boxes with the name of the student / Name of the class or project and date of the beginning of storage. If this is not clearly visible on the box, this material may be displaced or used.

The institution is not responsible for the materials left in the space and can’t guarantee the safety or integrity of your tools, project, and material if not properly stored. To avoid any issue with a lost or broken object, please get in touch with any Fabrication assistant to find a proper solution.

Additionally, IAAC FabLab Staff has specific storage spaces that should be respected. Never pick an item from this shelves in self-services. In doubt, always ask before.


Use of this facility requires the use of standard safety precautions at all times. This includes but is not limited to:

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(You can check more in detail Safety section in: http://wiki.fablabbcn.org/Main_Page)


In the interest of promoting cleaning and safe workplace, Students are required to clean all machines after use.

In the special case of;

In the case of finding a dirty machine prior to commencing your work, please advise staff and clean it before starting the job. Working in a dirty environment is dangerous, risks compromising the machine’s safety or operation and will not be tolerated.

After use machines, students are requested to leave the tools in their appropriate storage space. Correct Storage of the tools is one the key aspects, thus keeping the workplace clean and safe. Failing to respect this procedure will be considered as a fault (See the sanction chapter).

To reduce the number of waste materials and trying to promote activities on recycling and reuse it is important to separate and cut up all materials after use. Students are requested to cut up materials in different formats with the objective of proper storage. Any material with a value of more than 5€ should be kept. Wood leftovers should be cut into rectangular pieces.

In case of recycling material from the Laser cutter, it should be cut into standard sizes like A1/A2/A3/600*300mm to facilitate storage.


In order to ensure clean, safe and healthy areas and to reduce the number of risks of regulatory failures, the Fab Lab Protocol establishes Basic regulation penalties.

The following misconducts will be penalised :

The first act of misconduct will trigger a formal warning through an email communicating the specific misconduct and requesting more awareness.

The second act of misconduct will incur a penalty: the student will be prohibited from using the Fab Lab machines for one week.

The third act of misconduct will directly forbid the student’s access to the Fab Lab space until the end of the semester.

Students have to send the file (as soon as the slot is booked to use a machine) to the fabrication assistants to check and prepare the file to run directly without wasting any time. USB drives will not be accepted for reviewing files by the fabrication assistants. This will be strictly enforced.

Every person should have their individual RFID door entry card, which is not transferable. In case of visitors, staff need to to be notified before letting anyone inside the building. Failure to do so, the student will be penalised.

The students are advised not to keep their belongings like coats, helmets and bags obstructing any areas, the function of equipment and movement of people in the building. Failure to do this could incur a penalty

I have red and understood the rules