P102 Lab Protocol of Use


General Guidelines


IAAC, the Institute for advanced Architecture of Catalonia, is a center for research, education, production and outreach; a platform that gathers several Projects:

  ●	AAG - Advanced Architecture Group; that hosts the Master courses
  ●	Fab Lab Barcelona, and the Fab Academy,FabriAcademy and MDEF Program
  ●	Valldaura Labs
  ●	Urban Science Lab

It has 3 campus:

●	Pujades 102 (P102), where Fab Lab Barcelona is located
●	Pujades 59 (P59) or IAAC Atelier
●	Valldaura Labs, where the Green Fab Lab is located

You will have most of your activity happening in Pujades 102 building or P102.

Access to P102 / Fab Lab Barcelona


Opening Hours:

Students have access to IAAC Facilities from 9:00hs to 20:00hs.
Fabrication time from 10:00hs to 14:00hs and from 15:00hs to 19:00hs.
Secretary office hours for students, Monday to Thursday, from 15 to 16 pm.
Saturdays and Sundays, the Fab Lab Barcelona is closed.
It is absolutely** forbidden** to stay at IaaC overnight.

National Holidays

 1 de enero Año Nuevo (E)
 6 de enero Reyes (E)
10 de Abril, Viernes Santo (E)
13 de abril, Pascua (A)
1 de mayo Fiesta del Trabajo (E)
24 Junio, San Juan
15 Agosto, la Asuncion
11 de Septiembre Diada Nacional de Cataluña (A)
24 de setiembre Virgen de la Mercè (L)
12 de octubre Fiesta Nacional de España (E)
1 de noviembre Todos los Santos (E)
6 de diciembre Día de la Constitución (E)
8 de diciembre la Inmaculada (E)
25 de diciembre Navidad (E)
26 de diciembre San Esteban (A)

IaaC Access Card
When you arrive at IAAC you will be provided with an electronic access card to enter the premises. For the access card, you will have to pay a 20€ deposit, to be reimbursed when you return the item. Specific Annex at the end of the document.


IAAC offers the P102 facilities to the following students:

    ●	MDEF students
    ●	Fab Academy students
    ●	Fabricademy students
    ●	Workshop and Bootcamp students

P102 is comprised by several areas with distinct uses:

P102 - Fab Lab Pujades 102 - floor plan

Screenshot 2022-01-24 142346

Laser Area: Only students who have a machine booking are allowed to use this area under staff supervision during the students open hours.
CNC area: Students are allowed to use this area only under staff supervision and during students open hours.
Electronics and FAC Studio: This classroom is reserved for staff and Fab Academy students only.
MDEF classroom: This classroom is reserved for staff and MDEF students only.
3D printing room / Electronics: Only students who have a machine booking are allowed to use this area under staff supervision during the students open hours.
Kuka Area: This area is reserved for staff only.
Adaptable Area: this is a multipurpose area, you can use it only as a “hot-desk” and only if its available. No permanent projects or objects should be left in this area.
Fabricademy classroom: this is your classroom and studio, you will have access to this room in the opening hours of IAAC and for the length of the course.

People not using the machines are not allowed to remain in the areas surrounding the machines: Please keep the space free for other students using the space.
Tools and machines each have a designated area: Please keep it organized for others.
The lack of respect of these rules, leading to disorganization in the Lab, will be penalised. (see chapter “Penalties” at the end of this document)


P102 offers student access to the following machines:

On request :
● Power tool set for wood (Jigsaw, Circular saw, Orbital & Belt sander, Router, Drill. etc...)
● Electronic equipment (Camera, Tripod, Lights, Projectors etc)

Via booking system (minimum 24h in advance) :

Laser Cutters:

Trotec speedy 300 Trotec speedy 400

CNC Milling machine
Raptor XSL CNC

3D printers:
Ender3 (x3)
Creality CR-10
Hypercube Evo
Prusa i3
Photon S

CNC Precision Milling machine:
Monofab SRM 20 (x2)
CNC 1810

Vinyl cutter:
GX-24 Camm Servo
Silhoutte Cameo

Vacuum Press
Large Oven
Vulcano Kilhn

Via email (min 48h before):

Bandsaw for Metal
Power Tool set for metal

Basic Tools in free access

Some basic tools (Rulers, Clamps, Hammers, etc…) are accessible in the dusty/CNC area as a complement of your student’s toolkit.
Students are requested to leave the tools used in his appropriate place marked in the designated area of their shelves.
Tools should remain within the fablab area, in their respective room. Taking tools out of the lab without explicit permission will be penalised (see chapter “Penalties” at the end of this document

Power Tools and equipment on request

Power tools (Drill, Sander, ScrewDriver etc..) and some electronic equipment (Camera, power supply, Tripod, etc...) are available by request from the fab lab assistant. To keep the lab tools well organized and the process safe, students should request help from fabrication assistants.

The students should give their ID as a deposit for the tool in case of borrowing the tool out of the workshop area. This will be returned after student brings the tool back. The process includes the registration in our database of this equipment borrowing.
All borrowed tools need to be given back in the time frame agreed.

Typical time frames:
● Manual & Power tools = by the end of the day (before 8 pm)
● Equipment = within 24 hours
In case a student fails to do so he or she will be responsible to replace the item. Any misuse, loss or damage have to be noticed by informing one of the fabrication assistants. Failing to do so will be considered as a fault (See Penalty section).


Fabricademy and Fab Academy are part of our educational offer and as such is part of the FLU: Future Learning Unit.
Your references for Fabricademy are:

  ●	Anastasia Pistofidou: program Director
  ●	Josep Martí: Instructor and tech support

Your references for Fab Academy are:

●	Santiago Fuentemilla: Program Director
●	Eduardo Chamorro: Lead Instructor

The rest of the Fab Lab Barcelona will be happy to support you in any regard.

  You can contact us via info@fablabbcn.org

Booking System

To be able to organize ourselves, we have a Booking System, that organizes our machining time. This booking system is used to book the Digital Fabrication Machines.

Screenshot 2022-01-24 143553

To use any Digital Fabrication machine, you need to book it. To book any machine you must have all the below things done:

  1. Sign these terms and conditions
  2. Have training in the use of EVERY MACHINE
  3. Pass the online test to use each machine
  4. Your name must be added to the trained user list.
  5. You can only book machines during the FabLab Open days in 2022 will be Tuesdays and Fridays

Online Booking System Instructions

To make your reservation, go to https://fablabbcn.simplybook.it/v2/
1º Select the duration of the service you need depending of the machine (30 min, 1 or 2 hours).
2º Select the machine you want to use: milling machine, laser cutter, 3D printer or Kuka.
3º Select the date and time: first, click the desired day in the calendar and you'll see available time slots on the right, click the one that suits you.
4º Fill in your name (use your full, real name, otherwise the slot will be cancelled), email and phone number.
5º To finish, click "BOOK NOW".

Important Rules and Conditions
Failure to respect the rules and conditions pertaining to the booking system will result in a cancellation of the booking by staff. Repetitive misuse of the booking system will be
considered a fault (See Penalty section).


● Students are not allowed to use more than one slot per machine per day.
● Students are not allowed to use more than four slots per machine per month.
● Students cannot use machines without supervision.
● It's not allowed for the students to use the machines for personal projects or external
● Please verify that the machine requested is booked using the booking system of the
appropriate lab/facility.
● The person who makes the reservation will be the only one allowed to use the time slot.
Reservations are non-transferable. Failing to comply will automatically cancel the
● Students should come with a file prepared beforehand and ready to launch at the
beginning of their slot.
● It is mandatory to have your files in Rhino v6 file, .DXF or .STL to properly use the
● Punctuality is important to allow everyone fair use of the space. You are requested to
come 10 min before your reservation to prepare your material and file. Any delay will
shorten that student’s fabrication time on the machine. A delay of more than 15 minutes
automatically results in a cancelled reservation. Missing your reservation without
notifying Fab lab staff will be considered as a fault (See Penalties section).
● If your project requires more time than what is allocated, it is obligatory to contact your
assigned fabrication expert and fabrication.support@iaac.net with the files you need to
print, cut or mill along with a description of the material to be used.
● Students should always keep workspaces clean after use and return any tools.
● Bring your own material (unless you are using the 3D printers, see Supplies section) .
● Always stay attentive and practice safe machine usage (See Safety)!

Lending tools

● The person renting the equipment will be the one responsible to return it in proper
working condition. In the case of group work, one member will need to be designated
as the one responsible to rent out and return the tool in good working order.
● All rented tools need to be given back in the time frame agreed.
● In case a tool is damaged or broken, the student responsible should inform the Fab
team. Not inform about the damage or the bad conditions tool will be automatically
penalised (See Penalties section). In case of damage, the respective students are liable
to replace the tools.

Failing to comply with any of these rules will invalidate the booking and will be penalized.

Other machine and tools via email request

IAAC owns many other tools that students are allowed to use if available (not already in use by other IAAC activities) and if staff is available for support (most of these machines need specific staff supervision).
If you wish to use one of this specific tools, please explain your needs and your schedule.
Plan well ahead, and make your request at least 48h before needed.
We are happy to offer the best possible for your project but can’t guarantee that those machines are available.

Hazardous Materials

Working safely with hazardous chemicals requires proper use of laboratory equipment. Maintenance and regular inspection of laboratory equipment are essential parts of this activity.Please note that special attention would be required for the use of the laboratory, many of the accidents that occur in the laboratory can be attributed to improper use or maintenance oflaboratory equipment.

Screenshot 2022-01-24 143133

IAAC provides students with gloves and lab coats. Please note that care should be taken to use gloves when handling laboratory equipment to protect against electrical, thermal, and chemical burns, cuts, and punctures. Some materials, such as graphene nanoplates, require specific staff supervision and control of their use. Students are not allowed to take products provided by IAAC outside of IAAC facilities.Trash, algae, batteries or any other material substances that can obstruct the sink should not be disposed of via wastewater. Students should use the respective bins located around the buildings.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In the interest of promoting a clean and safe workplace, Students are required to clean all machines after use. In the special case of:

In the case of finding a dirty machine prior to commencing your work, please find the person responsible and advise staff about the situation. Otherwise you should clean it before starting the job. Working in a dirty environment is dangerous, risks compromising the machine’s safety or operation and will not be tolerated. After using a machine, students are requested to leave the tools in their appropriate storage space. Correct storage of the tools is key to keeping the workplace clean and safe. Failing to comply will be considered as a fault (See Penalty section). In an effort to reduce the amount of waste materials and promote recycling and reuse, it is important to separate and cut down all material off-cuts after use. Students are requested to cut up materials, such as wood and acrylics, in rectangular formats for easy storage.


In general, FabLab does not provide any material to the students apart from some basic consumable (such as sandpaper, screws, white glue and paper tape) available at the time in the lab.
Here is a list of material and hardware suppliers: http://bit.ly/1MeHIQx
NB: students can have a discount of 10% at SERVEI ESTACIO, using the code 10906 at the checkout. http://www.serveiestacio.com/

In the case of 3D Printer, Material is purchased by Fablab and based on normal usage for the academic needs, unusual or alternative materials are needed the student will have to purchase on their on, use it and keep it in a safe place in the lab properly identified with the students name and contact details.
Due to the amount of space available, there is no permanent storage.
Students have designated storage space in their classrooms.
Students are allowed to store material in the Fab Lab only if it will be used in the same month. Everything should be stored in boxes with the name of the student / Name of the class or project and date of the beginning of storage. If this is not clearly visible on the box, this material may be displaced or used.
The institution is not responsible for the materials left in the space and can’t guarantee the safety or integrity of your tools, project, and material if not properly stored. To avoid any issue with a lost or broken object, please get in touch with any Fabrication assistant to find a proper solution.

Additionally, IAAC FabLab Staff has specific storage spaces that should be respected. Never pick an item from this shelves in self-services. In doubt, always ask before.
● 3D Print Material shelves: A place to store 3DPrint materials. To be used only under FabLab Staff supervision. Students are requested to leave the 3d print materials used in the appropriate place. Please keep the materials well organized.
● Material Lab Shelves: A place to store mixing, casting and cleaning material for the lab. Access only under Staff authorization and supervision.
● Storage Shelves/Cabinets: Staff only, Students do not have access to this area.

All leftover projects- materials left on the workbenches or main workspaces at the end of the day will be put in the disposal cart and thrown away every Friday afternoon.
If a project needs temporal storage in the workbenches or main workspaces is mandatory to put a tag with the students name, contact information and when the project will be removed from that location


Use of this facility requires the use of standard safety precautions at all times. This includes but is not limited to:
● Never work alone.
● Be aware of how to stop the machine to be used, and how to call for help before starting to use any machine.
● All students must wear safety glasses while using :

  Milling machine
  Circular saw
  Column Drill
  Angle Grinder
  Sanding Machines

● Ear protection and dust masks are available and should be worn when necessary.
● Safety glasses are the student’s responsibility, students must not work in this space without them, if there aren’t any available when you enter to the shop, it’s no excuse to work without them. Ask for them to the Fabrication assistants!
● Only closed-toe shoes should be worn in the lab areas.
● Long hair has to be tied up. Loose clothes should be tightened, and dangling jewelry should be removed before entering the lab areas. These can get caught on the tools or machines.
● Wear a dust mask when performing grinding or other operations that may generate fine airborne particles.
● Do not leave tools on the machine when you finish. Put them in their allocated place.
● Always be aware of the safe operation of the machines. If you're unfamiliar with a particular machine, consult the workshop staff before using it.
● Do not make parts in haste. Plan each job and procedure in advance. Determine what material and special tools may be needed.
● Use the dustpan or vacuum to remove chips from a machine while it is not running; this is NOT to be done by hand.
● Each student is required to report all issues, accidents, and tool breakages to Ricardo Valbuena or the fabrication assistance (If neither are available, please report this to mathilde.marengo@iaac.net)
● No food or drinks are allowed in the workshop areas.
● Respect the machines and what they can (and can’t) do; never, ever use the machines for anything other than what they were designed to do, and never tamper, alter, or play with the equipment!
● All students are required to clean the machine and sweep the work area before leaving the lab areas.
(You can check more in detail Safety section in: http://wiki.fablabbcn.org/Main_Page)


IaaC | Fab Lab Bcn is not responsible for any material loss within its facilities, and does not cover any material insurance. Students are responsible for their personal belongings at all times.


IaaC | Fab Lab Bcn is not responsible for any personal damages derived from the use its facilities, and does not cover student’s health insurance. Students are responsible for their personal safety at all times. If damage or injury should occur, the student must seek immediate assistance and notify any IaaC | Fab Lab Bcn staff person as soon as possible, no matter how small the issue is. IaaC | Fab Lab Bcn has several fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Food/Drinks: Food and drinks are not allowed in any of the Fab Lab areas. Students have the responsibility to pick up their trash, leaving the spaces and tables clean.

Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited everywhere in the building.

Bicycle/Motorcycles/Cars: Students are not allowed to park their motorcycles or cars inside the building. Bicycles may be parked inside the Institute, but must be left in specially designated areas. IaaC | Fab Lab Bcn is not responsible for any damage or loss. If a bike was left outside a designated area, blocking an entrance way, door or other, IaaC | Fab Lab Bcn reserves the right to break the lock or take alternative measures to remove it.


In the interest of promoting cleaning and safe workplace, Students are required to clean all machines after use.
In the special case of;

In the case of finding a dirty machine prior to commencing your work, please advise staff and clean it before starting the job. Working in a dirty environment is dangerous, risks compromising the machine’s safety or operation and will not be tolerated.
After use machines, students are requested to leave the tools in their appropriate storage space. Correct Storage of the tools is one the key aspects, thus keeping the workplace clean and safe. Failing to respect this procedure will be considered as a fault (See the sanction chapter).
To reduce the number of waste materials and trying to promote activities on recycling and reuse it is important to separate and cut up all materials after use. Students are requested to cut up materials in different formats with the objective of proper storage. Wood leftovers should be cut into rectangular pieces.


In order to ensure clean, safe and healthy areas and to reduce the number of risks of regulatory failures, the Fab Lab Protocol establishes Basic regulation penalties.
The following misconducts will be penalised :

The first act of misconduct will trigger a formal warning through an email communicating the specific misconduct and requesting more awareness.
The second act of misconduct will incur a penalty: the student will be prohibited from using the Fab Lab machines for one week.
The third act of misconduct will directly forbid the student’s access to the Fab Lab space until the end of the term.

Students have to send the file (as soon as the slot is booked to use a machine) to the fabrication assistants to check and prepare the file to run directly without wasting any time. USB drives will not be accepted for reviewing files by the fabrication assistants. This will be strictly enforced.
Every person should have their individual RFID door entry card, which is not transferable. In case of visitors, staff need to be notified before letting anyone inside the building. Failure to do so, the student will be penalised.
The students are advised not to keep their belongings like coats, helmets and bags obstructing any areas, the function of equipment and movement of people in the building. Failure to do this would incur a penalty

All the work produced by the students during the course of the program for the
weekly assignments and final projects contributed will be licensed under the
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Creative Commons license
(https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0 )